Highly realistic FPS game with online capabilities


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  • Category Online games
  • License Free
  • Version (Europe) 1.6
  • Size 1.54 GB
  • Works under Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • Language English
  • Program by MGAMEUSA

Operation 7 is a first-person shooter style game for Windows PC.

What sets Operation 7 apart from some of its cousins in the first-person shooter genre is the fact that it is online, multiplayer only. Although players will need to download software in order to join game rooms, this will also give access to team arenas and team playing modes.

Operation 7 is styled toward sniper-type game play with a realistic focus. For those who love one-shot-kill sniper strategy games this one will deliver. Strategy is all for this game and tactical reigns throughout Operation 7. The radar enables players to coordinate with team mates and defeat opponents. Reviews have said the game has a steep learning curve. Early in the game, players can expect to be killed on a frequent basis in a variety of situations.

Graphics are good, and it is the sound effects which are much more interesting than the visuals. For instance, after a nearby explosion, players are rendered deafness, and gun sounds are realistic. The voice overs can be a bit too GI Joe, and expect to wait a while for the installation and registration process to complete.

Many different gun customizations are available to players. For example, a sniper strategy game fan can change their scopes, silencers, gun barrels, dot sights, kobs, and gun bodies too. 700 sound effects are scattered through Operation 7, whose maps are based on real-world places like Alcatraz. Additionally, players can customize their avatars to look like soldiers, gangsters, and pretty much anything else they want.

Players have reported that there is only a minimal amount of lag in the game. It's said that sighting and firing are very accurate, or 'you hit what you shoot at'. 25 keyboard keys are used as part of the game controls, and the mouse is used to aim and fire.

Operation 7 was created by Mgame and ParkESM, a company founded in 1996 in Korea. Other titles to MGame's credit include Bomberman, Droiyan and Darksaver. ParkESM was created in 2005 and was awarded Game of the Year for their work with Mgame on the software now known as the game Operation 7.


  • Realistic sound effects
  • Strategy intense
  • Supports Multiplayer


  • Does not support single player
  • Cannot be played offline
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